Qualifications And Specialties:
Client Service Specialist and J. Walker Team Leader.

Favorite Part Of The Job:
Watching a client fall asleep while getting his haircut because we have created such a warm, relaxed, and safe environment.

Hearing the words, "I feel like a new man", as a client is rebooking his next visit with us.

Volunteering, yoga, and spending time with my 3 children.



Senior Stylist

My Career is endless in rewards! I have been a cosmetologist for 35 years and am licensed as a hairstylist, colorist, nail technician, and makeup artist. I have always stayed on top of the latest trends by attending continuing education classes in the newest hair-cutting and coloring techniques along with adding barbering to my menu of services. I am a beauty culturist and my passion is making my client's life easier!

Qualifications And Specialties:
I am so proud to say after over three decades of creating art my passion has never been stronger. Teaching and educating clients about their looks and how to get them there is a part of my career that has evolved over the years as I have become more experienced. This has allowed me to gain the trust of so many clients that have become like an extended family to me and I am so grateful for them and I always get so excited for new clients so I can grow even more and share my knowledge of what I love. The compliments and rave reviews are endless and so appreciated. Knowing I make people feel great about how they look is what makes me shine!

I am an animal lover and spend time taking care of my "mini zoo". I love to cook and try new recipes. Being outdoors. Decorating for Halloween has always been a very big tradition and I go ALL out!. You may be surprised to know that one day I look forward to owning a farm.



Senior Stylist

I've been cutting hair for 14 years, 13 in this Basking Ridge location, and still have customers from that very first year! I see them more than some of my own family! I truly love all my clients and I hope that shows! I want everyone to walk out happy and feel heard.

Qualifications And Specialties:
I specialize in men's haircuts, I also do ear, nose, eyebrow, and lip waxing. Prom hair, women's haircuts, kids cuts, and occasional balayage.

Qualifications and specialties: Client Service Specialist and J. Walker Team Leader

Favorite Part Of The Job:
Meeting so many wonderful people and helping them look and feel good! Hobbies:
I love Skiing, The occasional hike, mostly anything that requires me to be a bit creative, and traveling! Surprise To Know:
I lived in Breckinridge Colorado for 2 years and I can say Eenie Meenie Miny Moe is Austrian!



Senior Stylist

I have my family in Colombia, a 21-year-old daughter, my brother and a sister, my mother, deceased father, I love life, I like projects in a very short time, I like to prepare myself, and face life, safely, I ask for wisdom, intelligence to face challenges and direct others.

Qualifications and specialties:
Bachelor, marketing and advertising university in Colombia.

Professional stylist, colorist, makeup artist, and barber.

Favorite Part Of The Job:
Is the people with whom I share my time, my friends and colleagues, the clients, the satisfaction of seeing them satisfied, new ideas, new people, cultures, and families, creating new bonds between client and worker, the joy of seeing, that they like what we do.

Sports, music, dance, travel, love, and tranquility of the whole beach.


Meet Roy, the newest addition to the J. Walker team! Roy started in the industry at a young age,  helping him satisfy his desire to become a creative artist. This experience allowed him to learn about industry trends, as well as precision and speed. He consults with his clients to make recommendations that fit their personal style and facial features. He enjoys his client relationships and is dedicated to giving them the best experience.

Qualifications and specialties:  Roy enjoys doing a variety of cuts including classic scissor cuts, along with trending styles such as: high fade, medium fade, low fade, taper fade, textured mullet, or a textured crop top. Roy can also help with beard maintenance such as delineating or shaving.

Favorite part of my job: Working with his clients.

Surprise to know: Roy is bi-lingual and fluent in English and Spanish.